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About Us

To Provide on Time Delivery And Best Quality Laundry Services.

We Welcome You To Our Laundromat Circle, We Are Mr. German Laundry. We Stand With Extraordinary Washing Experience And Fostering The Best Client Environment, Which Is Useful For Clients In More Prominent Noida. You Can Visit Our Store Or Reach Us On The Web.
Mr. German Laundry Provides The Live Laundry Also It Is Providing The Free Home Pickup And Delivery Option Along With Excellent Washing Monthly Plans .

Household Laundry Service

All Ladies &
Gents Item

Laundry Service

Hotel & Hospital tem
Table Cloths

Why Mr. German Laundry ?

We are Accomplished Drycleaners and prepared Washing experts in Mr. German Laundry, We welcome you to our laundromat circle. We are glad to modify you with the best client experience at our store in Greater Noida


We are not compromising, when it comes to machinery part also our Laundromat machinery’s are well equipped & fully loaded German technology which makes the clothes looks pretty amazing in just one wash.

Mr. German Founder

I am a company CEO of Mr. German laundry. I’m a problem Solver & Entrepreneur my vision is to provide the next level washing experience in whole Greater Noida

How We Works

Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores or request for a pick up online. We will do the rest!

Appointment & Pickup

Centralized Call Center +91 70484 32025 and branded mobile app enables earliest scheduling of orders.


It creates identification that defines the right Ownership and also the process your garments will go through. 

Stain Removal

The entire order goes through a strict process of pre-treatment. Each garment is spotted for stains. 


State-of-the-art processing facility provides best-in-class cleaning service in an hygienic environment.

Steam Iron

Steam Ironing is a must for creaseless finish. Our experienced staff ensures Look Like “New One” Once Again.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring rigorous checking of articles before packing. Stain Cards intimate about remaining stains and expected risk if treated further.


Wrinkle Free packing is done to avoid crushing during transit.


Ensure safe & prompt delivery of hanger items which are never folded.

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